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Our research, and that of others, shows that all stages of this work can stimulate substantial improvements in quality of life (e.g. less anxiety and depression, more sense of control, better communication with other people). There is also a growing body of evidence, which our own clinical experience supports, that psychological self-help work can prolong life and even bring about unexpected remissions in some cases, although this cannot, of course, be guaranteed.

Recent Publications

Alastair J Cunningham, O.C., Ph.D., C.Psych.
Kimberly Watson, M.A. (2004) How psychological therapy may prolong survival in cancer patients: new evidence and a simple theory.   Integrative Cancer Therapies 3(3):214-229.

Text information: 46 pages, including 5 Tables (Tables 1-A, 1-B, 2-A, 2-B, and 3) and 2 Figures in PDF format. You can obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader here

Cunningham, A.J., Phillips, C., Stephen, J., and Edmonds, C. (2002) Fighting for Life: A Qualitative Analysis of the Process of Psychotherapy-Assisted Self-Help in Patients With Metastatic Cancer. Integrative Cancer Therapies 1(2):146-161.

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Cunningham, A.J., Edmonds, C.V.I., Phillips, C., Soots, K.I., Hedley, D. and Lockwood, G.A . (2000) A prospective, longitudinal study of the relationship of psychological work to duration of survival in patients with metastatic cancer . Psycho-oncology, 9:323-339


Other Selected Publications by Dr. A. J. Cunningham & colleagues in the mind-cancer field:

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-- (Earlier publications were in the area of immunological research.) --



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