I know how hard it can be, facing cancer or other serious diagnoses. Belonging to a group of like-minded people can be immensely helpful.
I sincerely hope you will find that the Healing Journey material and any contact you have with us helps you experience peace and gain a degree of mastery over your situation. 

Alastair Cunningham O.C., Ph.D., C.Psych  


What can I do to help myself heal, with cancer?

When cancer strikes us or our loved ones it can be one of the most frightening experiences of our lives. More and more people are asking if there are things they can do to help themselves, in addition to receiving medical treatment. We would all like relief from the stress and emotional turmoil that the disease brings in its wake; we would like to do whatever we can to make a recurrence less likely; and if we have advanced cancer, we may desperately want to know whether we can help ourselves to live longer.

The Healing Journey is a program for people who want to learn how to help themselves when they have cancer, or other serious chronic diseases. It is a practical course, providing simple, psychological and spiritual tools which promote inner harmony, peace and healing, methods that can help any of us become a "healed person". The program has been developed and evaluated at a large cancer treatment and research centre, and parts of it have been offered there and at cancer support centres since 1982. Our published research, and the research of other scientists, shows that using these methods regularly can significantly diminish anxiety and depression, restore a sense of control, and relieve symptoms like fatigue, nausea, and pain. We have also published some evidence that when people with advanced cancers get very involved with helping themselves psychologically and spiritually they may live longer than medically predicted. Three papers on this subject are reproduced on this web site, together with references to many others from our research group (see the link to: The Research).

Who are we, at the Healing Journey Program?

We are a small group of therapists and others operating originally from the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and now at a number of Wellspring community cancer centres (see below). I'm Alastair Cunningham, director of the program, a scientist and psychologist, and a professor at the University of Toronto. I'm a cancer survivor myself, and I know from that experience and from talking to thousands of people with cancer just how frightening and stressful the disease can be, both for them and for family members. My colleagues and I have been teaching people self-healing methods since 1982 in the Toronto area. Having seen how helpful this can be to many cancer patients and their families and friends, we now want to spread the program much more widely, using the great power of the internet. We have therefore put the program manuals on this web site for free downloading, and have made audio learning aids available to anyone who wants them.

Putting the Healing Journey on the Internet:

The Healing Journey Program has several levels.  Workbooks for the first 5 program levels can be downloaded from this website.  For Levels 1 and 2, audio tracks are supplied and can be downloaded as MP3 files from "The Paul's Cancer Resource Center" in London, U.K. (links are also available in our "Books, Audio and Video Resources" section.)  If you prefer to order hard copies of the notebooks and cds, you can do so on the same site.

If you are a cancer patient, and don't have access to "live' programs of this kind, I would suggest downloading or ordering our Level 1 workbook and the 4 associated cd / mp3 tracks, then working at home on the healing techniques of deep relaxation, mental imaging, thought management and goal setting.   If you know others with similar problems, these techniques can help anyone with health issues.  It is an excellent idea to form a small group and work on healing together.

Attending Classes:

The Healing Journey Program is offered at a number of Wellspring Cancer Centres in Toronto and other parts of Canada. You can contact Wellspring at 416-961-1928 ( Toll Free 1-877-499-9904) or go to their website at to locate a Wellspring centre near you. 

If you can't attend the programs personally, you may look at these other options:

1. Download the .pdf text file "Healing Journey, Level I Workbook" (if you are not comfortable with computers, downloading etc, you can probably find a friend or relative to do it for you), or order it along with the CDs below.

2. Audio Material: Download (or Order through this link.)        

3. There are a number of therapists in the Toronto area who have had many years of experience with the Healing Journey, and are interested in assisting people with this kind of work, either face to face or by telephone. For the most part these are hourly sessions, for which a standard fee is charged. If you would like to make such arrangements, you may contact one of the individuals below. They are all members of the Healing Journey Program team.
Dr. Claire Edmonds
Dr. Cathy Phillips
Dr. Dorthea Gaither 416-733-1441 [before 6 PM]
Dr. Judy Gould 416-465-4225
Dr. Andrew Matthew 416-946-2332
or 416-597-2614

4. If you would like more detailed information on how to help yourself, you can try my books, "The Healing Journey", "Bringing Spirituality into your Healing Journey" and "Can the Mind Heal Cancer?" (More details can be found under the "Books, Audio and Video Resources" section of this website.) All contain extensive bibliographies of related works by other authors.

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